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A piece of earth for peace of mind, body and soul

We believe strongly in the health & wellness benefits of CBD but know those benefits should not come at a compromise to our environment.

This is why we are building organic & sustainable processes, while tracking seed to sale, in order to

provide consistent premium products.

Time to TranZen the trends and feel the TranQuality difference today!


Our third party lab tested products produced

from Food Alliance Certified hemp feature only the purest all natural ingredients


Controlling and tracking the process from seed to product, ensures consistency in every container


We believe in the power of sustainability and are constantly looking to innovate how we grow, process and manufacture our products


Our patent pending Pearl Cream is blended with all natural ingredients in house to ensure a premium and consistent product that goes on smooth and dries fast from the first drop to the last! 

Whether you are looking to enhance your beauty regiment or for some lasting relief, our pearl cream is a great option. Apply as a daily moisturizer to your face and hands to help strengthen your skin or on irritated areas for

Roll ons are a great way to get all over joint and muscle pain relief without the mess. With just a few shakes you will be ready to apply an evenly distributed amount of CBD over large areas of your body, using the applicator ball to massage the patent pending lotion based blend deep into your skin. This allows for fast and targeted relief while keeping your skin feeling hydrated and cool. 


Tranquil CBD tinctures only require three simple ingredients, our pristine full spectrum CBD distillate, an organic carrier oil, and all natural flavoring! Keeping it simple makes sure you receive the desired relief without any worries about what you are ingesting. 

If you are new to using CBD, our tinctures are a perfect way to get started as they come a wide variety of natural flavors and potency. Best taken sublingually, under the tongue,

We have formulated our gummies to provide a wide range of health and wellness benefits, working within your bodies natural processes. Our Full Spectrum, Broad Spectrum THC Free (Coming Soon), and 1:1 CBD and HDI9 gummies come in classic and exotic natural flavors, making sure your journey to a more mindful, relaxed whole you, enjoyable and delicious!

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